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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

About AZuka
Tecnical Questions

About AZuka

Can I use satellite imagery ?
Yes, AZuka SA can use ALOS/PRISM, IKONOS,GeoEye-1, QuickBird and WorldView-1/2.
What kind of format will be generated for ortho image data?
Uncompressed TIFF & TFW format
What kind of aerial image data format can AZuka process?
Uncompressed TIFF format or BMP
Can AZuka generate TIN data?
Yes, you can review TIN data during the editing digital map.By extracted vector data and point data, AZuka edits indirectly TIN data. Ortho Generating Application can output TIN data in TEXT & DGN format.
Can AZuka automatically generate contour line while editing features?
Yes, You can display contour line using vector data and also output to DGN format.
What kind of CAD format does AZuka support?
DGN( MicroStation V7/V8), DWG and DM. Shape format ver will be released soon.
Can AZuka import other format DEM file?
AZuka can mutually convert TEXT or DGN format and AZuka format.
What kind of sensor data can AZuka use?
Scanned film photos and area sensor type digital camera images ( DMC, UltraCam etc.)

Technical Questions

Can I use images taken by commercially available camera?
Yes, but you need camera calibration data.
How many GCPs are required?
We recommend at least 4 GCPs.
How many minutes does it take to process DEM automatically?
To process 160 μm intervals DEM reading at 20μm,It will take around 5 minutes for 1 model. If reading at 10μm, processing time will be quadrupled.(CPU:Pentimu4 2.4GHz)


Do you have any support & maintenance services?
Yes, support & mentenace services are included in the anual licesne fee.
Are there any volume discounts?
Yes, please contact us.

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